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Tsamma Oil Skin Cleanser

Tsamma Oil Skin Cleanser

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Tsamma Oil Cleanser is a skincare gem. Derived from the Kalahari region in Africa, Tsamma is the native name for wild watermelon seed. This incredible ingredient is an exceptional natural facial cleanser.

Packed with linolenic acid, Tsamma Oil Cleanser gently unclogs pores and effectively eliminates excess sebum from the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and balanced–not dry or parched–and prepares your skin to absorb the nourishing goodness that follows with our skin care regimen.

This luxurious oil effortlessly cleanses your skin and removes makeup, making it effective in helping control acne.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janet Cioffi-Kennedy
Wonderful product.

Love my products. Work well and they have a light natural scent that soothing also. Use the scrub, cleanser snd serums.

Carisa Douglass
Best cleanser

I absolutely love this product. I am a hairstylist who specializes in clean non -toxic products. I washed my face with this after coloring my hair and it removed all the stains! I was amazed so I started using it on clients as a barrier before color and it’s amazing. No stains! There is not another product on the market like this.

Lulu Peelle
The best cleanser I've ever used!!

I love this cleanser in every way. It takes off my make-up, including waterproof mascara without any irritation to my skin or eyes. Instead it leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft. This is the only cleanser I will use going forward.