Growing up on a farm in South Africa, I developed a profound appreciation for nature and her bountiful gifts.

It was there that I learned about the wealth of ingredients that nature provides, which have the power to repair and rejuvenate our bodies. This deep connection with nature fueled my passion for skincare, leading me to become a dedicated skincare fanatic.

Throughout the years, I experimented with various cosmetics, but I always encountered the same issue.

Some products caused skin breakouts due to their overly rich ingredients, while others left my skin feeling parched and undernourished. Determined to find a solution, my journey took me to the historic Daintree rainforest in Australia, where I spent months surrounded by nature, immersed in its knowledge.

Inspired by its wisdom, I came to a simple conclusion. The healthiest plant-based ingredients held the key to effective skincare.

To stay true to nature's intentions, I embraced the concept of simplicity and focused on organic and natural substances.

By doing so, I could create skincare products that not only felt and smelled good, but also made us feel beautiful inside and out.

My passion for skincare led me to develop my own line of products, carefully crafted to nourish and care for the skin — the body's largest organ.

Over time, these products work in harmony to improve the texture, appearance, and radiance of healthy, youthful skin, akin to a necessary daily vitamin regimen.

What sets my products apart is their exclusive use of plant-derived components, ensuring that they support the skin's well-being in the purest form, as nature intended.

By embracing nature's gifts and incorporating them into my formulations, I have found a way to create skincare products that not only deliver stunning outcomes, but also align with our body's natural balance.

Every component in my products is purposefully selected to support and nourish the skin, resulting in a holistic approach to skincare that honors the purity and vitality of nature.

"I am excited to continue exploring the wonders of nature's ingredients and sharing the benefits with others who seek skincare solutions rooted in the beauty of the natural world. Together, let's celebrate the synergy between nature and our bodies, and unlock the transformative power of organic and natural skincare."

- Ruth Hirschowitz, Founder