♡ of a Gypsy grew out of my passion for nature.

I grew up free in the wild, on a farm in South Africa.

My fascination with how nature works continued to grow throughout my adult life.  

I began questioning how society approaches the subject of aging, especially with regard to women.

My interest in ancient civilizations, how they existed and continue to exist in modern western times is an amazing feat.

Their lifestyles are healthier than ours, they live longer,  their elders are revered and cared for with respect and they are mostly free of western born diseases.

Simply, they use everything the earth provides, free of any artificial additives.

This intrigued me on multiple levels.

Firstly, how we view aging in western civilization.

Secondly, why we are adamantly trying to remain young?

Thirdly, what we eat, what we apply to our skin and how we mislead people when we use the term ‘organic’ and ultimately why?

I decided to launch a skin care product free of any artificial ingredients, plant based and 100% natural, imitating the path of ancient culture.

I  researched and found an abundance of ingredients that come from plants all over the world, sustainably grown and harvested, healthier and very effective in healthy skin care.

I discovered salt that is as old as the Jurassic era,  rich in trace minerals and silica, free of human or environmental pollutants.

My body scrub was born.

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